Crenushe launches GUSA executive ticket

Georgetown University Student Association’s  (GUSA) election season is now in full swing with Enushe Khan (current GUSA speaker of the senate) and Chris Fisk (GUSA deputy of chief) are running for president and vice president positions, respectively.

The pair launched their campaign on the night of February 4, with a rally in Red Square, where 50 of their supporters gathered to help them announce their ticket. According to The Hoya, the “Crenushe” ticket is one of the largest in Georgetown history with over 200 supporters at the time of launch.

With the tagline “Breaking Barriers” the candidates entered Red Square to Don Omar’s “Danza Kuduro” and completed their proclamation with a light show.

The Crenushe executive ticket is currently running unopposed, and has announced many of its policies and major goals over the last week and a half. They are looking to “break barriers and build bridges in our community so we can engage and learn from one another” according to the ticket’s Twitter bio. To complete this mission, the duo and its team has suggested reforms in many areas including in Georgetown’s dining and auxiliary  services.


Despite well laid-out plans and a strong, unopposed campaign, Crenushe is facing some backlash from different media outlets on campus, such as the Georgetown Academy. The Academy, like The Hoya before it, commented on Khan’s summer obligations, which include an internship at Goldman Sachs, leaving her unable to complete certain administrative roles that the GUSA president is required to fulfill.
For more information on their campaign, visit Crenushe’s Twitter account or watch their “Tinder Ad”.
(Sam Granville’s video will be emailed separately, had trouble embedding the file.)

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